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Moose N' Me Children's Book

Moose N' Me Children's Book

By Kenny Loggins with pictures by Joshua Nash

Price: $18.95


About Moose:

"In 1968 I moved out of my parents home and got me my first dog 'a my own, my fierce beagle/mutt, Moose. He wasn't fierce really, just a really cool, smart, sweet 'pound-hound.' We lived together in a $64/month duplex in East L.A., and he was the best combo friend/burglar alarm money could buy.

"So begins the story of Moose ... and thus the legend is born.

"Many people believe our pets are the first to greet us in heaven; such is the power of their unconditional love. I know when it's my time to go, Ol' Moose will be there to greet me at The Gates. As a parent, I have told my own kids, 'All our beloved pets go to Heaven.' Somehow, I just know it's true. He'll be there." ~ Kenny Loggins


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