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Leap of Faith (CD)

Leap of Faith (CD)

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1991, Columbia Records

1. "Will of the Wind" (Loggins, Will Ackerman) - 2:00
2. "Leap of Faith" (Loggins, Guy Thomas) - 7:23
3. "The Real Thing" (Loggins, David Foster) - 5:39
4. "Conviction of the Heart" (Loggins, Guy Thomas) - 6:52
5. "If You Believe" (Loggins, Steve Wood) - 6:32
6. "I Would Do Anything" - Duet with Sheryl Crow (Loggins, David Foster) - 6:34
7. "Sweet Reunion" (Loggins, S. Wood) - 5:46
8. "Now or Never" (Loggins, G. Thomas) - 5:45
9. "My Father's House" (Loggins, Will Ackerman) - 5:27
10. "Cody's Song" (Loggins) - 4:39
11. "Will of the Wind (Reprise)" - 1:14
12. "Too Early for the Sun" (Loggins, John Barnes) - 8:06

Guitars: Kenny Loggins, Guy Thomas, James Harrah, Hiram Bullock, David Lindley, Dean Parks, Paul Jackson, Jr., Ottmar Liebert
Piano/ Keyboards: Steve Wood, David Foster, Richard Tee
Bass: Freddie Washington, Nathan East
Drums: Michael Baird, Tris Imboden, Ricky Lawson, John "JR" Robinson, Herman Matthews
Percussion: Munyungo Jackson, Bill Summers, Luis Conte, Paulinho Da Costa
Woodwinds: Marc Russo, Kazu Matsui, etc.
Backing vocals: Sheryl Crow (also duet vocal on track 6), Smokey Robinson (scat vocal on title track), Arnold McCuller, Colors of Love Children's Choir, Ruth Pointer, Kate Price, Michael
McDonald, Amy Holland (McDonald), Maureen McDonald and others


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