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How About Now (Autographed CD)

How About Now (Autographed CD)

Price: $20.00


2007, Concord Records

1. "A Year's Worth of Distance" (Loggins/Reid)
2. "A Love Song" (Loggins/Wails)
3. "I'll Remember Your Name" (Loggins/Marx)
4. "How About Now" (Loggins/Proctor)
5. "I Don't Want to Hate You Anymore" (Loggins/Myers)
6. "That's When I Find You" (Loggins/Chapman)
7. "If You Never Been There"
8. "Truth Is" (Loggins/Chapman)
9. "Too Much (Never Get Enough)" (Loggins/Burr)
10. "This Too Will Pass" (Loggins/Foster/Brown)
11. "I'm a Free Man Now" (Loggins/Burr)
12. "One Last Goodbye Song" (Loggins/Burr)

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