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Alive (CD)

Alive (CD)

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1980, Columbia Records

Disc one
"I Believe in Love" 4:09
"Whenever I Call You 'Friend'" 5:08
"Wait a Little While" 4:18
"Why Do People Lie" 6:47
"What a Fool Believes" 3:53
"Junkanoo Holiday (Fallin'-Flyin')" 5:03
"I'm Alright" 5:09
"Celebrate Me Home" 9:50

Disc two
"You Don't Know Me" 5:03
"Now and Then" 4:29
"All Alone Tonight" 3:05
"Here, There and Everywhere" 3:02
"Angelique" 7:59
"Love Has Come of Age" 4:03
"This Is It" 4:14
"Down 'N' Dirty" 6:20
"Easy Driver" 3:55
"Keep the Fire" 5:46

Kenny Loggins - vocals, guitar
Mike Hamilton - guitar, vocals
George Hawkins - bass
Brian Mann - keyboards
Tris Imboden - drums
Vince Denham, Jon Clarke - horns
Recorded by Bruce Botnick


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