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Sing for Santa Barbara

Posted on February 17, 2018

Message from Kenny:  I’m sure by now you’re aware of the incredible disasters Santa Barbara, Ventura and Montecito have endured over the past 3 months. Almost all Montecito residents know someone deeply impacted by either the fires or the devastating mudslide, which so far has taken 21 lives, with two still missing.

The shock and loss has been traumatizing for our whole community, and especially difficult for the youth. When they asked if they could help in some way, the parents and authorities insisted they just stay away from the toxic cleanup efforts, that there’s nothing they can do. But rather than accept that answer, they decided to channel their shock, anger and grief into creativity.

A small group of talented teenagers led by Kiara Lin, Tali Ratcliffe and Jackson Gillies have organized a benefit concert for the mudslide victims they’re calling  Teens Sing for Santa Barbara.  Jackson immediately took the initiative to secure a grant for the Marjorie Luke Theater on March 9.

I’ve taken on not only singing a couple songs with the kids, but also the role of co-producer. My goal is to find 2 or 3 other “name acts” willing to performing along WITH the kid ensembles to add credibility and marquee value.

One of the most moving elements of this show is that Lauren Cantin, the talented, courageous 13 year old girl who lost her father and brother in the mudslides, will be singing too!

These are some of the most talented kids in SB, and it’s a joy working with them. They’re fiercely dedicated to proving they too can make a difference, and they’re on fire, believing that if they can dream it, they can make it happen.

I’m good with that.

I’ve lined up an all star band, all volunteers.
I have enough private funding for the crew, techs, costumes and a backdrop or two.

I want this to be a night of actual theater, and not just a talent show, so to that end, we’ve already lined up KLITE radio and KEYT TV to help with promotion and advertising.

Please check out Kiara’s letter below… I think it sums up their purpose and spirit.

Thank you,

Teens Sing for SBFrom: Kiara Lin
Santa Barbara Teens Organize Concert to Benefit Mudslide Victims

On January 9th, tragedy struck Montecito shortly after the terrible Thomas Fire. My name is Kiara Lin. I wanted to do something for the people affected by the devastating mudslides.

You probably saw on national news the amazing, six-hour rescue of my friend Lauren Cantin from the mud and debris. Lauren's house was destroyed, her father was killed, her mom was injured, and her brother Jack is still missing. Her dog Chester also died.

I felt compelled to do something so I begged to join the search party but was told there was nothing I could do. Visiting Lauren and her mother in the hospital and knowing that we’ve lost so many people, that houses and families have been torn apart … I couldn’t stand to see my community as it was. So on January 10th I decided to organize a benefit show/concert.

I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed help. First, I knew I was going to need my best friend, Tali Ratcliffe. I set up an Instagram account looking for some help, and a fellow actor and friend Jackson Gillies, a man of many musical talents and connections offered his help. We began working at once. We realized this show was a way of representing the younger population who also felt compelled to help but had no way of doing so. We contacted Kenny Loggins, who showed a keen interest and decided to be a part of the production. Now the whole community of Santa Barbara is coming together in order to help their neighbors, and we’d like your helping hand as well.

Our amazing, brave friend Lauren Cantin will be one of the youths performing on March 9th at the Marjorie Luke Theater.

When they tell us “you can’t” or “there’s nothing you can do, you’re too young,” I say, with my friends by my side; anything is possible, and heck yes I can.

Thank you for helping Sing for Santa Barbara.

For more info and tickets please visit All proceeds will go to the Unity Shoppe SB and Montecito Disaster Survivors‘ Fund.