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Posted on January 4, 2014

Video from OWN-TV!  Kenny Loggins was just 21 when he started sending demo tapes to Buffalo Springfield bassist and producer Jim Messina. About 15 years later, he was writing songs for some of the most popular films of the '80s. How did Kenny go from being an avid music fan to working on the Top Gun and Footloose soundtracks? Watch to find out. Plus, Kenny reveals what he learned about aspiring pop stars from his time as a guest judge on American Idol.

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Video from OWN-TV!  Kenny Loggins is widely known as the man behind hit songs from '80s movies like Footloose and Top Gun; however, he was also a guest judge on an episode of American Idol. What was the one thing Kenny noticed about all the contestants who auditioned that day? Watch to find out!