kenny loggins


Kenny Loggins' and Joel Stein's Greatest Hit

Posted on October 6, 2014

I've been stalking Joel Stein for a couple years now. I like to park outside his duplex in Lincoln Heights, LA, and wait for him to leave for "work," usually around noon.

Backstory: He sometimes "writes" a column for Time Magazine, but I heard they run it every now n then because he's got some "dirt" on an editor there. Seems likely, as he's the only writer there who's not the least bit political. But he is sarcastic like a democrat. And not as "Columbine" as Dennis Miller. Miller is scary.

Anyway, I follow him to his freeway off ramp on Lincoln Blvd where he "works" and watch him fleece wealthy, no-doubt Republican drivers who get stuck at that light. Sometimes I yell stuff at him and hide before he sees me. Just to make him "dance."

And I recently started harassing him on Twitter. But he didn't seem to mind. I guess he was just happy anyone was "following" him.

The "What happened next" stuff is in his article.


Joel Stein writes a weekly column for TIME magazine. 
His book, Man Made: A Stupid Quest For Masculinity, 
changes people's lives.