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Whether he's on the road or in the recording studio, Kenny wants to keep you as up-to-date as possible, and make sure you find all the info you're looking for! By joining the KL Connection you will unlock an exciting gateway to information and special opportunities - available for Members Only. The KL Connection is your inside loop to greater interaction with Kenny in a heartfelt community of fans and friends worldwide. Annual membership is just $25.00.

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Membership Privileges

Preferred Concert Seating
When Kenny is appearing on the road, KL Connection members are offered a select allotment of concert tickets (usually in advance of sales to the general public). Membership entitles purchase of two tickets per show. These tickets cannot be resold or traded without permission from KL Connection administrators.

Meet & Greet Opportunities
KL Connection members are eligible for exclusive Meet and Greet opportunities with Kenny. In order to attend, you must be a current member of the KL Connection and have tickets to the show.

Merchandise Discounts
From time to time, we offer members-only discounts and promotions for KL Connection members in our merchandise and music store.

Connect with Fellow Fans
Logging in to the KL Connection portion of the website puts you in touch with fellow fans and provides exclusive access to photos, news, etc. shared from Kenny's worldwide fan community.