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Dear Kenny is a collection of heartfelt letters from fans with questions and stories that had an impact on Kenny. To submit your own letter, please contact us.

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Pooh Corner 4 - Submitted April 9, 2008

Ah, my friend, you've done it once again! You've created music so incredibly wonderful that it brings me to tears everytime I hear it.

My 6 year old daughter and I were shopping in a book/music store in the children's section, and she noticed your new CD right away, "Mom, look! Kenny Loggins' new music!" When she noticed I was putting on the headphones, she said, "Why are you going to listen to it? You know you're going to buy it!" Words of wisdom Thank you, Kenny, for your special vocal talents, your warm, loving almost sensuous way of captivating the heart of soul of not only my daughter, but of her 40 year old mother. Your words relating to each song, your music, your life, your love is a gift to be treasured... -TR

It was my husband (then, boyfriend) who gave me a copy of Return... because he knew how much I loved your songs. When I finally married and got pregnant, I would listen and sing along with your songs from that CD EVERYDAY. I felt that my day wasn't complete, and neither was my baby's, if I didn't listen to it even once. When I gave birth, I would play the CD in the nursery to calm him down and also to put him to sleep. It never failed. Ever since Jamie watched The Tigger Movie, he just fell in love with the song "Your Heart Will Lead You Home". Now that we have the DVD he would watch your song video on the DVD over and over more than the movie. I think I created another fan here...Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all the memories and the beautiful songs.

This quick note is just to say thank you so much for all the wonderful songs on your "Return to Pooh Corner" and "More Songs from Pooh Corner" CDs. I had never been a huge fan until I heard "Return to Pooh Corner". I purchased the album and listened to the songs frequently while I was pregnant with my son. Now that he is 18 months old, and we own both albums, it's your music playing in his bedroom that puts him to sleep. Your voice helps my son sleep at night, and for that ... I thank you.

The reason I write is to really thank you for the music on "More Songs From Pooh Corner" I am recently divorced with an eight year old son. He lives with his mom, and I see him every other weekend. His presence in my life has always blessed me, yet as we men somtimes do, we take things for granted. Some months back, he was singing "Your Heart Will Lead You Home." I asked him what that song was. He told me, and I told him about how I have always liked your music. We went to purchase the soundtrack from The Tigger Movie, yet when we got there they were actually out of stock. He asked if you had an album with that song on it. I said, "I don't think so" but we went to check thanks to his persistance. We started listening to it in the car, over time, it made me realize just how special my time is with my son. For the rest of my life I will keep this CD to remind me what is important. My son is sooo precious to me, I cannot begin to tell you, and the music is a constant reminder of how he needs to be in my life no matter what else I do.

Please know that no matter how many you sold, you allowed one father to make sure his son knows that his dad loves him every day. He is and will be an integral part of my life forever, and the songs help me realize how fragile and precious that childhood is. He considers you one of his favorite artists, and will always sing your songs. - BP