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Dear Kenny is a collection of heartfelt letters from fans with questions and stories that had an impact on Kenny. To submit your own letter, please contact us.

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Cherished Baby Days - Submitted June 19, 2009

As a teenager I listened to your music. Then when I adopted my daughter from China your music had even greater significance. I played your two cassettes of lullybyes when my adopted daughter came from China ten years ago. She often had trouble sleeping after making the transition. Those nights were very restless for her in the beginning. She was 10 months then.

She is now eleven and we now have the CD's and I still play them in the car. When we are riding in the car usually after her softball game when she is tired, she will ask that I play her baby CD and within minutes she's asleep.

I think of your boy Cody and he must be full grown by now. It brings me back to those cherished baby days. You probably know what I'm talking about. Your music is so much a part of our memories of those peaceful nights rocking her to sleep as the moonlight streamed through the window.

Mr. Loggins I just wanted to say many thanks for the music!!!! I hope she and I can get to see your concert at Klien Memorial in Bridgeport. All the best to you! -Lynn Luchetti and Hilary Jiangjie Luchetti