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Dear Kenny is a collection of heartfelt letters from fans with questions and stories that had an impact on Kenny. To submit your own letter, please contact us.

Letters From The Heart

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Teen Angst - Submitted July 1, 2002

Your music has been a staple of my life since childhood. I listened to "Leap of Faith" heavily in high school, fresh off the loss of my grandmother. I tried to share your music with fellow students who seemed to be going through some growing pains of their own, trying to help them, and share the music that helped me through so much, but was surprised to find myself ridiculed and persecuted by my peers. What I endured, on an almost daily basis, HURT me and hurt my soul. I was tempted to give up your music, what I believed in, just so I would not get kicked ... but when I was at my lowest, there you were in Spirit, through your music, encouraging and inspiring me. [Your music told me] ‘stay true to your heart, it’s the Loggins way,’ and I never gave in.

Luckily, people seem to have grown up a little since that time (thank god!) and I can say that I have made some real connections with some beautiful and gentle people. I still will never understand why it is all too common in our society to specifically pick out someone gentle, innocent, meek, and naive and turn him into a target of unbridled malice. But despite this unfortunate fact I am peaceful among my newly found confidantes and, of course, your beautiful songs. Keep on writing!!

Kenny Replies:
Too many people go through the same kind of teen years you did. Our society has never had a lot of room for different kinds of people, especially gentle ones. I'm afraid now, with MTV and all, that we have even less room for anyone who isn't "hip."

God bless you.