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Dear Kenny is a collection of heartfelt letters from fans with questions and stories that had an impact on Kenny. To submit your own letter, please contact us.

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The Third Verse - Submitted November 6, 2003

I have listened and enjoyed your music for years and have tried to share my love for all music with my children. The latter being more difficult now that they are older and into the more ( what we used to call "heavy metal) chart music. My kids have grown up with Pooh Corner heaing you sing it and suffering through me singing it at campfires and family gatherings.

A few years ago, actually more than a few now, I decided that the song should have a third verse because my kids had grown and there was an new prespective for the song.

One Monday evening I was driving the family home from a camping excursion on our August long weekend up here in Ontario Canada. We were returning home from the shores of Lake Huron to our home in Peterborough. Since my whole world was sleeping in the van and I really needed to stay awake to get us all safely home , this would be the perfect time to write my third verse to Pooh Corner. The trip is about a six and a half hour drive so I had some time. So doing my best to block out the snoring of three kids and a wife, I managed to come up with a verse that fit the melody very well and pretty much said what I wanted to say.

Now, I am a frustrated musician who plays at guitar and was in a folk group a hundred years ago etc. etc. so I was quite impressed and pleased with myself that I could accomplish this. So my imagination started going wild thinking that yes Kenny Loggins would love to release this new version of his classic song and of course he would want me at the recording session to sing background and maybe allow me to play a little rythm guitar in the background, I mean how much harm could I do? They could keep my mic really low etc, etc, etc..

I could hardly sleep that night as the song and my verse kept running through my head as the first thing I did when we got home and put the kids to bed and emptied coolers etc. was to sit down with my guitar and play it ...

The next morning *I swear to God that this is true* I was driving to work and the radio announcer introduced Pooh Corner and added that this was a different version from his new CD Return to Pooh Corner, because it now has a third verse never heard before ... I alsmost went into cardiac arrest because of course your third verse is amazing.

Kenny will know the exact year I have forgotten. I still play my third verse -- sorry I've never learned yours. But I think about this every time that I play the cd or hear it on the radio. I have no illusions especially at my age and now it it quite humorous but I will never forget the two days that Pooh Corner most impacted my world: a)The first time I heard the Loggins and Messina version and b) the day of my reality check.

Keep the music coming Kenny. There are days when it seems like its the only oasis of peace in the world ... Pete O'Brien

Kenny Replies:
You must have telepathically sent me the message to write a new 3rd verse. I doubt I'll ever do that to any other tune.