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Dear Kenny is a collection of heartfelt letters from fans with questions and stories that had an impact on Kenny. To submit your own letter, please contact us.

Letters From The Heart

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Sending a Message - Submitted February 2, 2004

I wanted to write to say thank you and relate a few experiences that I've had. I am seeker of truth walking a spiritual path, and I guess that has drawn me to your music throughout my life.

I often have gotten messages from listening to your soul, your words, and music. God has spoken to me many times through your music and I just want to say to you. Thank you so much for giving that gift to the world and to me.

I feel the messages in "Convictions of the Heart." Deeply and that was one that God made sure that I listened to. Sometimes this path gets rather hard to follow, often feeling surreal or unreal. Its sometimes hard to stay grounded in what you know is true when faced with the illusions of life and living.

I have come to learn that people often flow the energy of God without even knowing so...and some do so very intentionally. The state of flow, creation is often the state in which God works his miracles. I am thankful for those that give their life and their living to this are one of those. Thank you.

I'm feeling much hope for our world of late. And I hope that you will continue to flow messages of light, love, and oneness out into the world. Through the years as you've shared your soul with us, we have received the messages. I am writing this in hopes that these words somehow make it to you, because I believe that they acknowledge your soul and confirm your purpose and conviction in the world.

There is an army of messengers forming. Keep sending your messages out.

Celebrate us/humanity home.

CJ Mitchell

Kenny Replies:
What is interesting to me is that I've never felt an effort to "sending a message." I am not trying to send light. Spirit, my muse, works thru me, and those in alignment with Her message hear it. Sometimes I am not even cognizant of Her higher purpose, and I love how that works. Effortlessly, mostly unintentionally. And I've always felt that the message in my music has been actually my own Spirit trying to reach my intellect. Cool, huh?