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Copyrighting Lyrics - Submitted February 10, 2000

You have always been one of my favorite singers and songwriters. I enjoy music that brings about emotions spontaneously, and your music always seems to do that to me. Over the past year I have started writing lyrics in my spare time (between running my own consulting company and having 3 children under the age of 4 and one child on the way there isn't much time to spare). I submitted my first song to a lyrics contest site and actually won, which was a great boost to the ego.

I was wondering what advise you would give to someone that writes lyrics but cannot write music? Thanks for your time and the years of great music.

Kenny Replies:
Copyright all lyrics IMMEDIATELY! That way you can send them out to songwriters on "spec." Use the web to reach writers like me, but be sure to show copyright logo, or we'll just pass them by. Good luck!