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Dear Kenny is a collection of heartfelt letters from fans with questions and stories that had an impact on Kenny. To submit your own letter, please contact us.

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Writing Passionately - Submitted March 2, 2000

Kenny, I have been listening to your music for years. You are one of the only performers that I can truly say has been with me through most of my adult life. The sound tracks for Caddyshack, Footloose and Top Gun took me straight through my high school days. As I worked through college I kind of lost track of you for a while and then a friend gave me a copy of Leap of Faith. I played the cassette so much that it developed skips in it. I thought that we had done away with skipping when we stopped using LP's and 45's. Anyway, I think I played Leap of Faith until Return to Pooh Corner and Unimaginable Life were released. I still play both of them today. I am writing all of this simply to say Thank you. You will never know how much your music has meant to me over the years. For some reason it has always known exactly what to say when I needed it said. It is definitely music I will play for my children when I have them.

I just have one question. I am a bit of a song writer myself and I have asked many people this question and no one can give me a definitive answer. How do you make your music sound so passionate? I know that music passionate music is something that comes from deep within. For some reason I can't seem to pull that kind of passion into my music. Do I have to experience something traumatic in my life in order to put that kind of life and passion into the music. Is it in the words that are written? Is it in the music?

Kenny Replies:
To write passionately, you must let yourself feel all aspects of your life, not just the "acceptable" parts. Yes, that means sometimes there is deep sadness, but our joy is only experienced to the degree we let in our sorrow, as well. Song writing is 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration.