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Choosing Players - Submitted August 17, 2009

You seem to have a different group of players every tour. Could you share your thoughts your choice of musicians? And is vocal ability one of the deciding factors to land a gig in your band? - Joe A

Kenny Replies:
Well, the new L&M band is largely based upon the band we used in '05. Stevie D is the same drummer, who came to us then via Crosby/Nash. This year's bass player is George Hawkins, one of the original base players from 1965. He now lives in Nashville. Steve Nieves, horns/percussion, was with us in '05, and got the gig by way of an open audition, Big Jim Wheeler was our replacement horn player in '05, having been referred by our then bass player, Shem Von Shroeck, Gary Oleyar is our new fiddle player, and has been working with Jimmy for a few years now, as a part of Jimmy's solo gigs, and of course Gabe Dixon is the young, very gifted pianist who worked with us in '05, and is a solo act of his own, often opening for us on this tour, referred by Jimmy's manager, Steve Jensen, back then.