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Dear Kenny is a collection of heartfelt letters from fans with questions and stories that had an impact on Kenny. To submit your own letter, please contact us.

Q&A Letters

Choosing PlayersGuitars"I'm Alright" CameoGuitar Style
Danger Zone"Watching The River Run""December" MeaningIssues Regarding Our Children
Kenny's Next PhaseBellaHawaiian MusicFavorite Songs
Kenny's FootstepsWriting Passionately"Flying Dreams"Pooh Corner Meaning
"Sweet Reunion" InspirationPooh Corner PlansCopyrighting LyricsGrowing Children
"Back to Avalon" Story"This Is It" Story

Letters From The Heart

A "listen to your heart" placeSending a MessageThe Third VerseIt isn't the music that pulls us back
Teen AngstRe-discovering your beautiful music

From Pooh Corner Letters

Pooh Corner 6Cherished Baby DaysPooh Corner 4Pooh Corner 5
Pooh Corner 3Pooh Corner 2Pooh Corner 1Warm Thoughts
The most amazing thingA LifesaverYour healing power